The Process


We have deigned our Chai making process to give you the best quality Bubble tea. Our Tapioca balls, are freshly cooked.



Shakers: Bubble tea shake machines are used to mix hot tea with ice. Using this ensures that the tea powder and sugar that you might need to add your drinks will be dissolved properly. The machine will vigorously shake hot tea & mix it with ice. Its size can be adjusting two near by sizes. It has two shakes arms which make easy to work.



Sealing: We create an airtight seal on our cups helping you to carry your Chai anywhere spill-free. The sealer films we use use less plastic than traditional lids making them better for the environment.



Fructose machines: Syrup dispenser, or fructose filling machine, is an ideal equipment used to add fructose into milk tea to control the sweetness. This ensures your drink is the perfect amount of sweet. Fructose is originally used for replacing sugar. It plays a major role in processing various foods because it can improve flavour & offer people authentic taste.