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authentic bubble tea in India


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Bubble tea has always been an undying craze among the gourmands across the globe & now you can savour bubble tea in India too! It’s a quick drink-and-snack-in-one to beat the bouts of hunger and is the perfect pop twist to the eternal tea-love.

A refreshing combination of trendy flavors, toppings and oodles of tapioca pearls makes for a distinct pop to bubble in some fun to the tea-time conversations. Little chewy-sweet balls of starch, Tapioca Pearls are extracted from cassava plants and form the classic elements to this ‘bubbly drink with a fat straw’. To escalate the fun, we pop in fruit poppers & jellies that perform the Pop-Pop dance in one’s mouth!




Bubbles of Creativity &

 a Pop of Fun! 


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Established in 2018, Pop Chai is premium Bubble Tea in India, serving a bubbly customizable drink with a broad range of options to choose from. A newly cherished hang-out spot for tea-lovers, perfecting top-notch quality, Pop Chai bubbles in creativity & redefines the original beverage into something that is, as perfect as it can be.

Ishita Wadia Jain, Founder & Director of Pop Chai, brought this exceptional blend of the never ending love for chai and pop culture to India. She came across the concept of bubble tea while studying in US. Having developed an instant liking for the refreshing drink, it became her go-to snack. On returning to India, when all she could find was just a handful of bubble-tea stores in Delhi, serving her favourite drink at an inferior quality, she had no option other than to make the tea on her own and share it with everyone.

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Mr. Pop Chai

Mr. Pop Chai signifies its love for honey, which can be customized into our drinks as an alternative to sugar, according to an individual’s preferences. After all, even he found something that’s honey and much more.

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Our Team

Ishita Wadia Jain Yarchi Jain


The Bubbling Process


We have designed our Chai-making process to give you the best quality Bubble tea that tastes delicious and refreshing.



Fresh Milk: Milk is a key ingredient in Pop Chai, and we make it a point to ensure you get nothing but Fresh Milk to give you the best and most natural taste



Honey: All of us here at Pop Chai believe that no one should have to compromise on taste to have something healthy. Hence, we add honey, the superfood, as a perfect replacement to the regular sugar.



Fruit Poppers: Fruit Poppers are the “Pop” element in our Pop Chai. These little bursts of flavour are essentially what sets Pop Chai apart from every other beverage.

Step 1: Tapioca Pearls go into the glass

Step 2: Give the drink a nice shake

Step 3: Adding tea to the glass

Step 4: The Poppers (the exciting stuff!!) goes into the Chai

Step 5: Seal it with a spill-proof seal

Step 6: Pop open the seal with our fat straws!

Final Step: Sip on your Pop Chai and let it surprise you!

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