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authentic bubble tea in India




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The          FullFilling    Drink


Bubble tea has always been an undying craze among the gourmands across the globe & now you can savour bubble tea in India too! It’s a quick drink-and-snack-in-one to beat the bouts of hunger and is the perfect pop twist to the eternal tea-love.

A refreshing combination of trendy flavors, toppings and oodles of tapioca pearls makes for a distinct pop to bubble in some fun to the tea-time conversations. Little chewy-sweet balls of starch, Tapioca Pearls are extracted from cassava plants and form the classic elements to this ‘bubbly drink with a fat straw’. To escalate the fun, we pop in fruit poppers & jellies that perform the Pop-Pop dance in one’s mouth!


Customize Your Pop Chai


As they say, “It’s all in how you make it,” this new kind of tea may prove to be your best-loved food plunge when you get to customize your Pop Chai according to your own preferences. Pop Chai presents to you an extensive range of options to choose your flavors and toppings in India. Fruit Bubble Tea or Milk Bubble Tea, with sugar or honey to choosing from a whole lot of flavours & toppings, you have an option to customize almost everything!

You handpick, mix and match, just the way you like it.

We bubble your treat your way!

Look below to prepare your bubbly cuppa hassle-free OR just pick one of our in-house specials carefully bubbled to suit the evolving tastes!


Pick Your Pop Chai

Milk Tea

{Replace normal milk for soy milk}
{Replace sugar with honey}

Honeydew/ Blueberry Bliss / Green Matcha / Rollicking Rose / Bubble Gum / Dark Chocolate / Wow Vanilla

Fruit Tea

{Replace sugar with honey}

Grape Glee / Classic Kiwi / Luscious Lychee / Passion Fruit / Peach Perfect / Strawberry Splash / Mango Summer / Honeydew / Kumquat and Lemon ( Limited Summer Edition )



Popper (small tiny bubbles that burst in mouth)

Passion Fruit / Orange / Mango / Kiwi / Blueberry / Pomegranate / Cherry

Limited Summer Edition -

Lemon / Honeydew / Peach / Yogurt

Jelly (coconut based)

Strawberry / Pineapple / Lychee / Grape ( Limited Summer Edition )

Black Tapioca Bubbles - Made Fresh


About Us


Adding a Pop of Fun to the Tea

Established in 2018, Pop Chai is premium Bubble Tea in India, serving a bubbly customizable drink with a broad range of options to choose from. A newly cherished hang-out spot for tea-lovers, perfecting top-notch quality, Pop Chai bubbles in creativity & redefines the original beverage into something that is, as perfect as it can be.